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Male fat loss stack perfect for combining protein and fat loss ingredients

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Fat Loss stack combining Lean Plus diet shake with a course of our xtreme Lean fat burners making a very beneficial supplement stack for burning fat whilst sculpting the body and designed to be more appealing to female users who can be proud to carry this attractively designed packaging

Our Lean range of supplements are one of the most powerful fat loss products on the market.

Our Nutritionists and Chemists at our National Research Centre have formulated these products to boost fat metabolism and increase fat loss. On its own Lean Plus has 5 fat burning elements and combine this with the Xtreme Lean product containing even more, your attack on that stubborn fat store will be a very strong one.

It contains chemical which promotes the breakdown of fats, oils and lipids. The generating chemical reactions boost the breakdown of fats and enhance the body’s metabolic resting rate.

Combine this with a quality source of protein that delivers a huge 74gm of protein per 100gm,  a full amino acid profile, the combination of our two most powerful fat loss products will ensure you become leaner while not compromising your muscle store.



LEAN STACK is designed to:

  • Aid fat loss
  • Tone and support muscle recovery
  • Detoxify the body to support better function and increased weight loss

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chocolate, strawberry

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