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High performance and high results stack combining the highly acclaimed NMB Elite 100% whey with very effective ancillary supplements to support whatever physical and physique goal you are striving for

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Product Description

High quality Elite stack

The key to making serious gains is in knowing that you have superior quality engineered supplementation in your diet.

That the combination of products will complement each other and promote lean muscle growth, contribute to natural growth hormone release, speed up recovery and repair and add power and endurance to your workouts.

These benefits have long been associated with Body Building and the strength world but they are not just limited to these sports. Scientific research has proven that athletes participating in any physical activity, be it boxing, martial arts, cycling, triathlon, athletics, rugby, football, marathon running the list is endless, will benefit from quality sports nutrition because it repairs muscle tissues that have been broken down during exercise and speeds up the repair and recovery process. This in turn will ensure that you keep getting stronger, faster and remain injury free.

Our 100 % Elite way has been formulated by our Nutritionists at our National Research Centre to deliver a massive nutritional punch. It delivers a huge 80gm per 100gm of 1005 whey protein and has a full amino acid profile ensuring maximum muscle repair and lean growth.

Our Nutritionists have designed this product with a multi vitamin formula to give you a complete supplement, but the most important ingredient that is missing is sodium and one that we are proud of removing from our products.

While sodium has its place in our diets, it is found in many nutritional sources that you may not be aware of. It contributes significantly to water retention and a loss of definition in the body, but more importantly it increases blood pressure due to the added water in the body.

At NMB our nutritional experts and the entire team want to deliver a nutritionally superior product, not only delivering quality nutrition but contributing to your health and wellbeing. 100% Elite Whey does this.

Muscle breakdown is something we must avoid and if we are deficient in BCAA’s this is exactly what will happen.

At NMB we have formulated a BCCA compound that is very unique and a leading product in the market place.

NMB’s BCAA Power Plus is an intra work out drink like no other. It has been formulated to ensure your amino acid pool is complete before you exercise and to start the recovery process before your workout finishes. It will also deliver crucial sugars during the workout to increase energy levels. But this sugar has another function in that it will force the body to release insulin which will drive the BCAA formula direct to where it is needed most, the muscles.

BCAAs consumed during training raise both growth hormone and insulin at the same time, hence increased anti-catabolism and anabolism. (More muscle growth and less muscle tissue breakdown).

BCAAs lead to relatively higher muscle testosterone levels and an increased ratio of testosterone to cortisol. Using BCAAs during heavy training makes more testosterone available for protein synthesis and increases amino acid uptake for increased muscle growth.

NMB’s No Nonsense pre workout is a product that needs to be given respect. Its formula has been designed to fire you up like nothing else on the market. Take this product and it is all the motivation you will need and your workouts will NEVER be the same again.

With the power, performance and recovery properties of Creatine combined with the stimuli of Beta Alanine in No Nonsense added to the other ingredients you will not be disappointed with the results.

Benefits of NO-Nonsense.

  • Increased muscular strength and power output.
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Increased anaerobic endurance.
  • Increased aerobic endurance.
  • Delayed muscle fatigue.
  • Able to train harder for longer.

Who can benefit from NO-Nonsense?

  • Bodybuilders and Power Lifters.
  • Cross Fit athletes.
  • Endurance athletes, Runners, Cyclists, etc.
  • Martial Art athletes and Boxers.
  • Football and Rugby players.
  • Anyone who has reached a plateau in their training programme and needs that extra stimulus to take them onto the next level.

Finish your day off with NMB ZMB6 which can help promote recovery, increase strength and endurance and promotes healthy sleep you will be ready for the next day’s workout fully repaired and recovered.

Put NMB’s Elite Stack in your nutritional programme and let the magic happen.

Additional Information

Elite Whey Flavour

Chocolate, Strawberry

BCAA Power + Flavour

Red raspberry

NO-Nonsense Flavour

Orange OUT OF STOCK, Raspberry


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