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TestoMass A perfect Testosterone boosting mass gainer NMB Nutritionists say its the best serious muscle builder available!

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Product Description

NMB TestoMass Bringing a new kind of serious muscle builder to the market. NMB TestoMass is Testosterone enhancing ingredients,  a good source of carbohydrates and Protein bringing all key aspects of muscle building together in one product. Replenishes glycogen post workout and boosts your natural testosterone so optimum muscle building can occur within the body bringing unrivalled gains in lean muscle tissue.

Totally legal and drug free but 100% effective Testosterone enhancement with just over 300 carefully designed calories per serving resulting in maximum development of muscle tissue and serious size gains. A mass gainer bringing only muscle building essentials together and avoiding all the unnecessary ingredients used normally to increase calories.

TestoMass has one goal that being to build serious muscle tissue and bring rapid size gains to the people consuming it. NMB TestoMass is for lean solid muscle building and size making NMB Nutritionists back TestoMass as the leading muscle building mass gainer on the market.

MCT Oil when absorbed into the blood stream will bypass the digestion process that longer chain fats go through.

They provide quick energy for the body and are less likely to be stored in the fat cells. Research has proven that meals containing MCT Oils will significantly increase the number of calories burned increasing the bodies thermogenic effect which for the athlete means that fewer calories are stored as fat which helps to reduce body fat levels.

MCT Oil energy sustaining power is metabolised in the body it behaves more like a carbohydrate than a fat. At NMB we have added the MCT Oil to our product because  the bodies fuel of preference is carbohydrates and not fat and MCT Oil is transported directly to the liverwhere it is metabolised and releases its energy like a carbohydrate and creates lots of ketones which will be used as fuel



  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Natural Testosterone
  • Enhance Muscle Growth
  • Repair Muscle tissue after exercise



  • High biological values of fast and slow releasing proteins
  • Insulin spiking carbohydrates
  • Testosterone Booster
  • MCT



TestoMass is a supplement to be used within guidelines Testosterone enhancement ingredients are in abundance in this product to optimise muscle gains and all ingredients are 100% guaranteed safe however if any side effects do occur stop using TestoMass for atleast 48 hours.

Additional Information


Strawberry, Vanilla OUT OF STOCK, Chocolate


XL, L, M

Servings: 50 per bucket

Directions: Add one scoop to 300ml of water or milk, shake and consume. Ideal as meal replacement or for use as post workout protein


CONFIRMATION OF KEY INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein concentrate, Soy Protein isolate, Milk protein concentrate, Fat filled Milk, Dextrose, Tribulus Terrestris 95% saponins strongest available Tribulus, natural colourings, flavourings and sweetners

What is the Testosterone enhancement?
“Tribulus Terrestris is an herbal supplement that research has shown increases luteinizing hormone release and testosterone production. It not only improves libido, but helps to build muscle, boosting sports performance according to science research and NMB tribulus is 95% saponins the strongest available tribulus
Sterodial Saponis are the active compounds in the tribulus, and are found in the leaf of the plant. It is these compounds which facilitate the release of the luteinizing hormone, which leads to an increase in testosterone production. NMB Tribulus Terrestris is the strongest extract currently available. At a huge 95% Saponins (the active ingredient in Tribulus), and 350mg per capsule, it is without competition.”

Declaration: The above information is a guideline as suggested values may vary between flavours and other circumstances. All information above we believe to be true or as near as possible.


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